bleed_toc_2066_pc_ian_douglasphoto by Ian Douglas

March 19-21, 2015

Walker Arts Center
Minneapolis, MN

For his return to the Walker after an eight-year absence, choreographer Tere O’Connor collapses three recent dance works into a single choreographic exploration of ways that disparate cultures blend in a symbiotic relationship through full-bodied virtuosity and enigmatic intrigue. BLEED features 11 of the most distinctive and accomplished movement practitioners in the country, including Heather Olson, David Thomson, Cynthia Oliver, and Silas Riener, who expertly balance the ruminative and the playful with captivating results. Though a respected innovator in New York’s contemporary dance scene, O’Connor makes works for everyone—full of humor, humanity, and wit—and seems wholly aware that an “uncompromising investigation of choreography as a mirror of human consciousness doesn’t have to exclude fun” (New York Times).

BLEED at the Walker