BRIC House Artist Studio

Nov 10-11, 2016 • 7:30PM

BROOKLYN REZOUND, created by The Commons Choir in collaboration with composer Darius Jones, is an investigative musical and dance performance that delves into the history of diversity and displacement in Brooklyn and creates a multilayered, embodied sonic map of that story. The official motto of the Brooklyn is “Eendraght Maeckt Maght” (“Unity Makes Strength”). Over 40% the borough’s population speaks a primary language other than English and over 138 languages are spoken in Kings County. In this variety of lexicons, from their range of cultural backgrounds, how do people express their aspirations for life here? What do they give up in order to move toward their goals? Uncovering often obscured histories and rarely visible identities, the epic work is about the need to come up with pidgins, pathways, parallels, positions, and wish-fulfilling invocations for living together while we’re living together.

Performers featured in this residency include: Martita Abril, Sylvestre Akakpo, Ilona Bito, Yoon Sun ChoiLydia Chrisman, Bob Holman, Shantelle C. Jackson, Judah Levenson, Anaïs Maviel, Shelley Nicole, Jean Carla RodeaEli Tamondong, David Thomson, Julia Uleha, and Saul Ulerio.