In February 1984, I was working at a German engineering firm as a secretary and on occasion I would take class at Merce Cunningham Studios in the evenings.  I was contacted by Julie Roess-Smith, a dancer in the company who had seen me, to dance in a music video she was choreographing.  Music videos were just beginning to become popular at that time and I agreed, not knowing who the artist was or what the music was like.  It was my first video.  I got $150 for the day. When I arrived at my first and only rehearsal before the shoot, I heard the music realized I had been listening to it on the radio, a hot hit at the moment.  a good start…

We filmed on a Saturday at the old Yiddish theater on Second Avenue and 12th that’s now a movie theater.   It was fun and if you look hard you can catch a glimpse of a young blond Mathilde Monnier.

After the shoot I went to run boxoffice at Dance Theater Workshop, where David White had invited an artist from San Francisco who performed The Spook Show, an amazing one woman tour de force that rocked my world on so many levels.  The artist was Whoopi Goldberg.

It was a good day.