credit|Carl Andre|Licensed

Sunday, October 13 |  2pm–12:30am
169 Bowery NYC 10002 

Fridman Gallery is honored to present Abigail Levine’s Restagings No. 3: Fall (C.A.), a 10 ½ hour performance and collective ritual for a community of performers, writers, and their witnesses. Carl Andre, whose sculpture Fall (1968) is the work’s source, has said, “My work doesn’t mean a damn thing. There’s nothing hiding under those plates.” This work challenges his claim, as performers slip beneath the plates, raising them again and again.

Contributing artists, and performers
Sareh Afshar, Hadar Ahuvia, Chloë Bass, Kyle Bukhari, Donna Costello, WooJae Chung, Atiya Dorsey, Rebecca Fitton, Camilo Godoy, Carolyn Hall, Greta Hartenstein, June Lei, Clarinda MacLow, Maho Ogawa, Kristopher KQ Pourzal, Janet Passehl, Vitche-Boul Ra, Londs Reuter, Elisa Santiago, David Thomson, and Edisa Weeks.

Text by David Thomson from the event