Skins and HoodsSkins and Hoods (Even Knights Get Forgotten) Mini-lab 

Abrons Arts Center
3 May 2017

As part of the French Play Series, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in association with Abrons Arts Center sponsored a mini-lab and a public reading of the play.

Mathieu Roy ( Director, Compagnie du Veilleur)
Gustave Akakpo (author)
Philippa Wehle (translator/advisor)
Oceana James (actress)
David Thomson (actor/performer)
Magdalene Zinki (actress)

The play by  Gustave Akakpo is entitled in French Même les chevaliers tombent dans l’oubli ; A commission by the Conseil Général de Seine-Saint-Denis  (Parisian suburbs) for young audience, Age 8+ (in France), it was directed by Mathieu Roy, Compagnie du Veilleur, and presented at the Avignon Festival IN (2014). The English version Skins and Hoods (translation by Katherine Mendelsohn) premiered at the Fringe Festival, Edinburgh.