These videos were created as part of the development of he his own mythical beast, which premiered at Performance Space New York in January 2018.  These videos serve as complementary work to the process and performance, and as a  means of reformulating research and materials as further commentary on the mythologies of race and perception.  These videos were shown in the lobby prior to the performance.

Voyeurs Routine

Juxtaposing the Ralph & Sam cartoons, which was an inspiration for an early part of the work (The Sessions), with text from The Voyeurs. I was interested in the strange synergy between these two. How each reflects the complexities of relationships involving violence, desires and history.

Created by Peter Born and David Thomson.

Emmett (2017)

Created by Peter Born

Untitled (2018)

Using text from Toni Morrison, Malcom X, Langston Hughes, Hannah Ahrendt, Claudia Rankine and Roland Barthes as triggers of thought.