Asiya Wadud

193 Front St
(left) Poem by Lticia Herbert + Madison McCartha
(right) “How much do we trust on the phone” by David Thomson + Chia-Lun Chang

I had the pleasure of participating in Asiya Wadud’s Echo Exhibit.
My collaboration with Chia-Lun Chang chosen as one of the poems exhibited in Lower Manhattan.

Poems form in the space we make for them. Sometimes a few words rattle around our minds, with only the faintest context to give them shape. Sometimes there is a fleeting image we want to imprint — we want it to stay with us a little longer. If we sit with the image, we can watch it come into focus — we can take hold of the words, we write them down and watch the poem take its shape.

Scattered throughout the Seaport District and Pier 17, you will find poems written from telephone conversations held in June and July with individuals in Lower Manhattan and designed by Shannon Finnegan. These poems are the lasting evidence of a conversation between two strangers during quarantine, capturing the ideas, textures and sensations of that particular interaction. We invite you to celebrate and reflect on these mutual experiences, both personally and as a community.

Opened July 9, 2020
Various locations throughout the Seaport District
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Co-presented with the Seaport District and The Howard Hughes Corporation as part of River To River 2020: Four Voices
Read the collection of poems here