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FALL 2023


The Chocolate Factory, LIC, NY

October 5-7, 2023

In NOTHINGBEING, Portland, Oregon-based choreographer Takahiro Yamamoto uses highly physical movement, communal meditation, and the internal activation of sensory memories to construct a sustained and complex meditation on subjectivity and erasure within and between states of “nothingness” and “being”. Three performers (David Thomson, Anna Martine Whitehead, and Yamamoto) form the center of a collective gathering, in which intangible states – thinking, not thinking, feeling, surrendering, transforming, conjuring, and forgetting – are brought to the surface in starkly physical form. What does it feel like to shed? To unlearn? And how can we do this together? What does it mean to “be”, and to “be nothing”, and to be present, somehow, in between?

Created and performed by Takahiro Yamamoto in collaboration with David Thomson and Anna Martine Whitehead. Thought Partner: Samita Sinha. Sound Design: Coast2c. Costume Design: Alison Heryer. Lighting Design: Jeff Forbes.


Considered a masterpiece of American modernist literature, Jean Toomer’s Cane calls down through time from the Harlem Renaissance. First published in 1923, Cane was unlike anything published before. The 3rd Thing Press celebrates the 100th anniversary of this work with an invitation to wonder, speculate, imagine, and create. They created a beautifully designed, faithful edition of the genre-defying classic along with a deck of striking, large-format oracular cards.

I was invited to be part of a group of 42 Black thinkers and makers from across and between creative, scholarly and community practices to offer their insights in the form of prompts, gestures, images, questions, in response to this work. For this edition, each of us authored a card paired with an evocative, timeless quote from Cane.