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The Kitchen
512 West 19th Street

June 8, 8pm: Lauren Bakst and NIC Kay
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I’m working with Athena Kokoronis|Domestic Performance Agency and a cast of beautiful performers
June 9, 6pm: Athena Kokoronis and Angie Pittman
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Tickets: $15 General ($12 for Members) for a single performance. $20 for both.
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On June 9th, Athena will be launching my first cookbook and presenting a culminating performance. The evening will be shared with fellow Dance & Process artist, Angie Pittman.

On the afternoon of June 9, between 3 and 6pm, join Athena Kokoronis of Domestic Performance Agency and guests for cooking, food sampling, and shopping from an array of Domestic Performance Agency items including the launch of DPA’s first cookbook published in collaboration with Yonkers International Press. This section is FREE.

HERE or you can purchase at the show.

These events feature new works and are the culmination of a ten-week group process of sharing work and feedback. Facilitated by Moriah Evans and Yve Laris Cohen, and featuring work by Lauren Bakst, NIC Kay, Athena Kokoronis, and Angie Pittman.

Initiated in 1995, Dance and Process is The Kitchen’s longest running series. Dance and Process stages an interrogation of methods of choreographic and dance practice, whereby artists challenge default structures in their own work and the field at large.