MSP dark

The Voyeurs

Madison Square Park
23rd Street and Broadway
New York City

Thursday, September 15, 6-6:30pm |
Friday, September 16, 6-6:30pm |
Sunday, September 18, 2-2:30pm |


Reservations desired but not required

Two people walk through the park discussing a transgressive incident they both witnessed from their apartment windows.  Eavesdrop on their phone conversation as their exchange cascades into various personal narratives encompassing issues of identity and desire within our complex cultural history.

This second installment of The Voyeurs introduces new characters and narratives as they walk through Madison Square Park.

The Voyeurs is part of a series of performance installation entitled he his own mythical beast, which explores ideas of identity, appropriation, race, gender and power dynamics in American culture.   

Presented by Madison Square Park Conservancy

Madison Square Park Voyeurs Program

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