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he his own mythical beast

Performance Space New York | COIL Festival 2018
150 First Avenue, at the corner of 9th Street
New York, NY

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Jan 31   7:30pm
Feb 1    7:30pm
Feb 2   7:30pm
Feb 4   3pm

These performances include a pre-show installation, so please consider arriving earlier than showtime to view.  Please note there is no performance on Saturday, Feb 3rd.  

This premiere will be part of the PS122’s return to their roots and home, after a 5 year absence.

This is the culmination of a series of research processes and performance works that began in 2012.  A meditation on the mythologies and contradictions of identity, race, gender, and the black body in post-modern American culture.

he his own mythical beast interrogates the suppositions of neutrality of presence, drawing from references of Hitchcock’s Rear Window, James Baldwin, the confession booth, Claudia Rankine, high school fights, Judith Butler, baptism, Roland Barthes, and Trisha Brown.


Reviews & quotes

“Yet the anecdotes, some seemingly frivolous, begin to add up, and it’s a mark of the work’s oblique power that just when it seems to have forgotten about black bodies, it is suddenly all about them.”

Brian Siebert, New York Times

“In Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, the beast in every fable is also a shadow of the hero, whose quest is always for self-knowledge and identity. David Thomson’s mythical beast is no exception; the shadows in his dance and the light and mirror he reflects in a dark world all nourish a heroic quest.”

Martha Sherman, Hero with 1000 Faces

photo credit: Maria Baranova

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