51st (dream) State is nationally acclaimed poet Sekou Sundiata’s contemplation of America’s national identity, power in the world and guiding mythologies. The work, which Sundiata imagined as his poetic and personal “State of the American Soul Address,” explores how America defines itself in a new era characterized by unprecedented global influence and power. It is an adventure, a quest to find a vision of what it means to be both a citizen and an individual in a deeply complex, hyperkinetic society. 51st (dream) State features a cycle of songs accompanied by a live band, poems and monologues, supported by still and moving projected images.

from Sekou Sundiata’s 51st (dream) state
Conceived and written by Sekou Sundiata
Direction: Christopher McElroen
Original Sound Score: Graham Haynes
Musical Direction: Graham Haynes, Eddie Allen
Vocal Arrangements: Richard Harper
Lighting Design: Rick Murray
Choreography: David Thomson
Projections: Sage Marie Carter
Set Design: Troy Hourie
Sound Design: Lucas Indelicato
Singers: LaTanya Hall, Ronnell Bey, Samita Sinha, and Bora Yoon
Musicians: Graham Haynes, Bora Yoon, Adam Klipple, Bill White, Calvin Jones, Chris Eddleton, and Eddie Allen

excerpt from The American Soul, written & spoken by Jacob Needleman

Producer: MultiArts Projects & Productions/MAPP
Ann Rosenthal and Cathy Zimmerman, Co-Directors and Producers
Jordana Phokompe, Associate Producer